Pledgeme.com has helped raise $4.5 million towards educational and school athletics expenses
Start your pledge drive
Start a Pledge Drive

Give us a call and one of our coaches will get you started regardless if your educational needs are for an entire school, an extracurricular sports team, or just for you. There is no selling or asking people to buy stuff.

Share your pledge drive
Share your Pledge Drive

Share your educational story and pledge goals with friends and family using direct mail, email, Facebook, or twitter. We'll do all the physical mail for you reaching those who still aren't "online", or who dont engage in social media or you have no connections with.

Collect Pledges
Collect pledges
and warm wishes

Direct mail responses go directly to you! Web page pledges go into a WePay account for you. Supporters can leave encouraging comments as well! Plus its usually tax deductable because supporters didn't buy goods with their pledge.

Why Thousands choose Pledgeme for their educational fundraising
  • Low Fees

    Our fees are lower on average than other fundraising sites simply because we're not here to make it big. We have no Angel investors nor VC funders to demand big returns like many sites do. We want to keep the lights on, maintain a quality site, be available to help you, and help fund education. Learn more

  • Payment Security

    We use encryption technology to ensure you’ll always have a safe and secure process. We highly value privacy as well.. and the special circumstances that go along with students. The entire staff has kids! Learn more

  • Personal Coaching

    A real human can give you the one-on-one support if you need it! We dont outsource nor can we afford to staff 24x7 yet but we'll be sure to call you back if you leave a message. Contact us by phone or via email! Details!

  • Unique Direct Mail option

    How many people do you know who "Don't do Facebook"? Or never check their email? You can reach them all using good old fashion mail which nowadays feels special to receive. We have dozens of years of experience doing this.. and typically have a 45% pledge return on mail.